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tv   [untitled]    April 1, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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and recapping the stories of the past week and this is archie good to have you with us let's take a look at your top but it's. nations that are supporting syria's revolution a need in turkey to thrash out plans to help the opposition while supporters of bashar al assad protesting against the talks are dispersed by turkish police. also in this week's top stories a hot mike exchange between barack obama and dimitri medvedev leads to an anti russian rhetoric among republicans presidential candidates and trends moscow has
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condemned as a cold war hollywood cliche. dozens of arrests and riots followed spain's approval of its of years austerity measures and yet let's see twenty seven billion euros slashed from the budget. and poland comes a closer to acknowledging the existence of secret cia run prisons for terror suspects on its territory and prosecutors want an investigation against a former head of the country's intelligence service for helping set up a covert side. up next artie's exclusive interview with the man credited with orchestrating the downfall of colonel gadhafi former n.p.c. leader mahmoud jabril. and on the sidelines of the brussels foreign were sitting down with mahmoud jibril now he was heading the economic and development planning body in libya at the time of the rule of colonel moammar gadhafi and he later read led to the uprising
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against the regime the interim prime minister of the national transitional council for about seven and a half months i thank you very much incisional for joining us today and the first question that we'd like to ask at this point today is the civil war really over in libya and who is in control at the moment a little us first correct cons so there was no civil war in libya there was resistance against a dictatorship but we considered that the pollution did not start if we can say that the group would start when you start talking about development in the streets when we start tackling those issues on an equal footing for all people as constitutional rights and then consider that over substance we have to have our national but he stopped as you know gadhafi has destroyed the libyan army you
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know he established inside of it what you could if you brigades you know to protect the regime we have to use an established. have to lick those from the streets and we have to prepare the country for elections next if we manage to have a transparent elections resulting in drafting a constitution that equalize the rights of all libyans and then i think this bloodshed which took place was worth it but we have been ghazi which has unanimously declared a federal state in the eastern part of the country what complications could arise out of this movie are you worried that maybe it's going to follow the post iraq or afghanistan that picture first of all it's not going goes towards a group of people in the eastern part of the country. when you talk about windows you're talking about a city of more than one million people you know but this was a demonstration people which is probably something that the three thousand. or
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less. this does not represent the eastern region total peace or reason and total no less than one million eight hundred thousand people. so there was no different than there carried out so we can't tell where the paper wants for the realism or not plus there were huge demonstrations just days later you know protesting the whole of this group federalism which means that religion is not popular in libya people are still clinched the unity of their country. i consider what took place as an outcry it's a fear of being marginalized again because they've been marginalized for forty two years by the old regime and libya's branch of the muslim brotherhood davis stoutish are all political party it's called the a justice and development party and observers are saying that this is probably because they were encouraged by the
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words. i belive jill in october he said that the islamic law should be the basis of the future legal system of libya now is shari'a law compatible with the democratic principles you'd like to start listing the country. first of all the muslim brotherhood if they stop. political parties to express their points of view i think this is their natural right to do so and they have equal rights as if every other libyans as for mr jellied when he express his point of view he expresses his point of view as an individual and his point of view reflects only his feeling that his perspective you know but it's not. commanding order it's not necessarily binding for the rest of the society i do you consider the victory of the national transitional council and those who fought against the gadhafi regime and that
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victory play into islamists hands does that bother you. just wait and see for the elections what the results are going to be in oh i think the libyan case might be a different case from what took place in egypt and tunisia i don't think the islamic groups so islamic political groups you know have a strong impact as they do in egypt and tunisia libya might be an exception in to this trend so let us wait and see and i'm not quite confident that the they're going to do as well as they did in egypt and tunisia but what about the al qaeda presence in libya how big of a possibility is that it will gain a foothold in the country talk directly and with theoretically speaking any. political vacuum can be filled by anybody and no and it's
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a fertile soil you know for the extremism to grow so it's in the interest of everybody libyans among libyans you know to have a very commanding government as a term of government in place as soon as possible. now looking back at me to intervention and hindsight do you think this was inevitable or was it detrimental in that it could have been a less militarized ending for libya. first then turn of national community intervention because it was not only need to there were none need to remember such as protests on their merits intervention but the international community was very decisive to help our fighters on the ground sit in the back of our favorite you know he said you were surprised by the fact that when the uprising started there was a lot of concern coming from the international community the western powers those who had backed it and he said it has to do with libya strategic position possibly
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it's all over just and now they're nowhere to be seen that libya has been abandoned from the very start there were voices that were saying that it's all about the oil perhaps or or strategic importance of libya do you think that libya was taken advantage of. i don't think it was because of her because it was a falling of the west you know we didn't get there because there was no interruption the told from. what i'm saying is that after the regime fell down most of the western countries feel that the mission has been accomplished they neglect the fact that libya is a stateless psyching it's not egypt and it's not too easy when there is you was done we ended up in a political vacuum at that point we had to be stopped show what national we need to help police stop showed police clipped arms or from the street and prepare the
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country for elections this is that region that we need help with unfortunately the kind of assistance provided by our potential friends. talk about. cleaning and developing civil society. training woman these are very important things where they are not road for the time being and the feel indebted to those afford power those countries that help support your cause when we feel sincere gratitude and appreciation for what they did to help a gust tremendously they supplied us with political support with weapons with economic assistance with medicine in a time when we're very desperate we were a good mercy of the defeat killing machine they're much less dependent us differently we cannot compare them with the other countries who did not do the same
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. a let's talk about gadhafi still you said is that you regret that gadhafi wasn't kept alive to face trial and that you suspect foul play you also mentioned in an interview before the past about what you think there are certain powers that may have wanted him silent because there were too many secrets kept do you still maintain that same position well what they said is that there are too many product is who have interests there he doesn't talk that he should be silenced for ever you know whether he was killed by a foreign entity or libyans or libyans a mayor from others but really don't know but what i'm saying is that there are too many parties who have the real interests that their feet just keep trying forever. is it important to read to them who would you. wish. for for a case for my own curiosity and oh i would love to know who was behind his killing
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you were there present libyan or not libyan. well before he was captured and killed he seems to have been trying to start negotiations either he wasn't given a chance to start those talks or he did that he was a sneaky know could never be trusted you know he was trying to buy time he sent too many messengers you know one of them was bush was sent to france you know providing some sense of. what he called win win solution that he would give up. and that the t.n.c. we. take over for the first and second term his son will take over so it's in a sense sharing power you know. the. proposal was was refused by the t.n.c. but the excuse which we always use was that we have institutions
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and we have studied the initiative and we have to take over time we consult and we were trying to buy time ourselves preparing for the uprising in tripoli at the time regarding saif al islam why do you think his life was spared when he was captured versus how his father was killed and i think the killing of get their fear of the the reaction was. the result and then to mimic millionaire getting reaction from all around the world you know i think the group which captured safe you know took that into consideration and they just took him in their custody his will treated. will taken care of i think then will be tried according to. international criteria of trusts very confident that he will face a fair trial. i won't come for them but he will have
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a fair trial let's talk about the arab spring in general but do you think it represents at this point looking at all the countries that had gone through with it what does it stand for. the arab spring to present a new phenomenon president in the middle east with represents the beginning of the new culture of measuring the middle east and usually should try to express itself in for a dignified life and for employment. to be treated equal because young people all around the world view so it's it's a new phenomenon and the whole hold the countries of the world mean dealing with the countries of the denise take note of this meal from them and they don't fall victims to their own perceptions of the east dealing only with the elites the elites of the middle east do not represent the layman who do the street for their this young generation this new young age and i think if they want to comprehend the
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code of this and some of the phenomena they have to come don't listen to those young people you know i don't expect the new middle east to settle down no less than fifteen twenty years of. gibril thank you very much for your time pick. filmmaker. and. the. directors kosik of real life in prison on charges. were both.
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nations of supporting syria's revolution meet in turkey to thrash out plans to help the opposition while supporters of bashar al assad protesting against the talks are dispersed by turkish police. also in this week's top stories a hot mike exchange between barack obama and dmitri medvedev leads to anti russian rhetoric among america's republican presidential candidates trying. as cold war hollywood cliche. dozens of arrests and riots follow spain's approval of its severest austerity measures yet see twenty seven billion euros slashed from the budget. and poland comes closer to acknowledging the existence of secret cia run
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prisons for terror suspects on its territory prosecutors launch an investigation against the former head of the country's intelligence service for helping set up the covert sites. let's look at your top stories for now but here we have the latest sports news with you in. good to have you with us this is sports and i'm you know plenty ahead this hour including. miami misery maria sharapova suffered her fourth sony ericsson open final defeat going down in straight sets the poland's i can ask around this time are it's. cruise control russia's women's football squad hit macedonia for eight to keep right on track for next year's european championships in sweden.
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zero zero new york knicks basketball sensation germy lin looks set to miss the rest of the n.b.a. season after suffering a knee injury. first the tennis for maria shriver's wait for a first title of twenty twelve must go on the russian losing her third final of the year in miami over the weekend but clash with agnes it was shop of us forward sony ericsson final appearance in florida having lost all three previously she would come up short yet again after an even contest in the first set the three time grand slam winner was serving to stay in it out six five but lost serve thanks to four on force there as it was a similar story in the second would run earning only one great points in the whole set to turn out to be the last one of the much meaning she has not lost in the final of the string open indian wells on miami in twenty twelve alone the seven five six four victory earning night career title. talking for polo where it's taken
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a while but. finally won the league much the concerned side notching their first victory in five of the expense of. the squad had proven to be a tough not being this season though winning both of their previous meetings but it was the home team who struck first shortly after a ghoulish first time off over femi martins winning the battle against christopher sun but they head home on the fifty minute mark and while angie went all out for an equaliser in the final fifteen minutes of the game sergei richard cough stood firm in the routine goal one nil the final score. today's opening fixture so i'm car continue their great run of form the side from perm hadn't worn this year going into their class for turk how the opposition. have to find for the first goal of the game fifty four minutes in me yellow which will claim it's what they are set in
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goalie really should have done a bit better than not carrick with another blunder needing six minutes martin your next header going the wrong way but you know i think that for a portion of playing so soon will the final score course on the run. the weekend's bragging rights in law school meanwhile belong to. charges donning cross-town rivals locker multichannel also stopping the real women from moving up to second in the league behind leaders in each cell it's under court and. mysie move each making the difference in. the pool season in english premier league has gone from bad to worse the reds schooling and sunil to newcastle for six loss in the past seven games on sunday but this seasick the man from long and kenny dalglish and co slumped nearly in each win brings newcastle to win three points a fifth seeded chelsea after the game tottenham join london rivals arsenal in third
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place a live stream of money will buy or securing spurs a three one win over a stubborn swans and said. this is women's football team have taken a big step towards next summer's european championships that's up to the side absolutely walt macedonia in their lives qualifying game on saturday evening michael cruickshank reports. the task on paper was easy for russia's women's national football team their opponents macedonia have become the whipping girls of the group having only amassed one point in five outings while being walloped nine zero at home to italy the group's favorites russia in contrast has won all but one of the previous four games although there is still defeat coming at the hands of the italians but it wasn't immediately clear from the get go if it would be such a walk in the park for the russians a young largely inexperienced macedonian side took the game to the hosts but for all their efforts it was russia that drew first blood when feeling a morass of
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a collective the ball just outside the six yard box and coolly volleys it and of top right hand corner it seemed now that it would be just a matter of time before russia would extend its lead and they did just that and with through the first half by way of an error by macedonians keeper. but by half time it was still just two zero to the hosts. the one thousand two hundred spectators was surprisingly noisy in buoyant and with julie rewarded for their support in the second hour of russian developmentally peds of a stepped up to make it three nil with a thumping drive ten minutes in macedonia is fighting spirit quickly faded after that meanwhile russian keeper elliott to the looked a lone figure with her teammates increasingly camping out in their opponent's half . smelling blood rushed to macedonia to the cleaners scoring five times in twenty minutes with the animals over and alyson marshall are both bagging her tricks in the process. i know this game will benefit us as i think we'll played
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well today for us is the first official game of the year and we have italy next they have a group leaders where i think will be even more prepared and ready than today. russia's french coach third been still insisted the team immediately switched their attentions to the next match but was pleased with the performance i think i'm happy to meet them. because we win hits and the more important of course. against you know when you need to was not sold difficult but. it's always important. to win it's turned out to be easier than it was on paper with the russian women still full team believe me i see that's a journey. of course the real test will come next wednesday when the italians come to town russia will be hoping to exact revenge for its two nil defeat to italy last
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year while maintaining their push for the group's top spot like a good chunk of the region. exactly the news new york knicks fans didn't want to hear it jeremy lin is likely to miss the rest of the n.b.a. season the asian american sensation preparing for a lengthy stay on the sidelines following a minister in his knee lynn said the league on fire this season going from a rarely used back up to a starter having the final say numerous games throughout february but now it seems the dream run is over as the n.b.a. year ends on april twenty sixth binns intrinsically six weeks to recover from terrible timing from the next point of view at star forward amare stoudamire out for further month with a back injury and that's not all big man tyson chandler is going through a growing strain while go to guy committed to me has just recovered from a similar ailment. kroft. because herman is currently world release talk to august after
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a spectacular display in portugal the finn with a nine point lead over a time defending champion team it sebastian loeb the thirty one year old began taking advantage of a more open road to victory after loeb crushed to sit right on thursday evening grinding out the wins securing his fifteenth overall bence the right never was in the front this time in any of the stages it was also tough for the runners up to hit full speed at one point with the second place that mugs all spreads engine running on only three cylinders on sunday morning twenty one year old russian yes give me no cost meanwhile dealt with throttle issues during stage twenty before fixing his car to land a meet and. finally in ice hockey to moscow are one victory away from reaching the cage felgate darren cup finals after taking a three zero series lead over petersburg richard concorde fleet watch the latest encounter for us. scotsman petersburg would have high hopes coming into this
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season's playoffs and all was going well for the argument that was until the ended their western conference finals series with denominator which has turned out to be a nightmare for the team from russia's second city as me last post their matches at home however the visitors would get off to a decent start they would take the lead midway through the second period as they managed to win a faceoff and acknowledge zone. sent an unstoppable shot which we don't exonerate he on injured his near post however the number was soon level timmy's must know your phone dimitri vishnevskaya at the far post and a blue line a finished coolly to restore parity skull weren't helping their cause by giving away far too many penalty minutes however the home side didn't need the extra man advantage to go to one up of seven minutes left inferred to have no backs excellent pass time high yield and you see in the twenty four year old top apart from the blue line before beating your cup stepanek under number would wrap up
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a furry deserve free one victory just minutes later and he said in this time turn provider on the power play as his shot was saved but consenting got a call for it on hand to score and put the results beyond any downs with everyone understood that it would be a very important match especially playing at home and so i'm glad we were able to put in a great performance and get this vital victory to deny mcgrath of a place in the finals and cheers the bay managed to win game four however their players on thinking that far ahead of the moments. that were not even thinking about playing in the darren cup finals at the moment we're preparing for game pool is low we have been doing in the previous matches in this series. this has been a fairy tale series so far for muscovites scotsman petersburg no only victory will do i'm afraid of april they want to keep their hopes a law if a recording made in good current cup title which of them will free dancy moscow.
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to montreal is euro sport whether it's next year and twenty four are. question is the same much about taxpayers' money materialization a lot of people are hearing the power of social networking such as facebook you tube and twitter is undeniable but are these media themselves becoming.
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